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We provide user acquisition and mobile app monetization solutions. Reach Your Target Audience Worldwide. Customize Ad Format. Anti-Fraud. Scale. Full Control. Performance Agency

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Why AppsSpear? AppsSpear will help you to reach 100% ROI
just in 5 steps

Outlining Your
High Paying Users
Give us details about your best performing audience and we'll target users who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your best existing customers.
Campaign preparation
Our experienced team will help you generate new creative concepts and variations on pitching, picture selection and design.
Testing time
AppsSpear will find the best ad sets and will optimise your campaign keeping only best performing placements and combinations providing you with a transparency so you can see where exactly your ads are placed.
Scale your
Our focus now is scaling your installs while maintaining a CPI within your target cost. Ad spend will grow in direct ratio with your ROI .
Once we have enough data of users that made actions we'll be able to turn on optimization and to acquire paying users by your cost-per-action range.

Advertisers AppsSpear uses an approach where the success of a client is the top priority for us. We are tech-driven, focused on results and we deliver your advertising goals, providing resources, support, expertise, and insights at every stage.

100% ROI
Wide range
of targeting options
70% loyal users
In-app, Video
and Mobile web
Strong in more than
100+ countries
Volume of quality installs
Reach high-perfomance
mobile solutions and loyal users

We are fully integrated with the leading mobile app tracking platforms

Publishers Monetize your traffic with AppSpear's direct demand by connecting 2000 campaigns from the World's biggest advertisers.

Payments on time
Campaigns for
100+ countries
Integration Flexibility
Analytics Reporting
Best performing
campaigns with
competetive prices

Product High-Performing App Marketing
Acquire quality mobile users programmatically with lookalike targeting, machine learning, and Smart Ads.

Find lookalike
Target people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your best existing customers. Our platform identify the common qualities of the people in it such as demographic information or interests. Then we find people who are similar to or "look like" them and lead them to your product.
Have flexibility of
payment models
Choose appropriate payment model depending on your campaign goals: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA.
Have a positive
Return of Ad Spend
With our smart targeting tools our platform determines how, when and where to show ads to potential customers who will actually generate revenue for your app.

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